Who can join Euro-CNS?

Membership of Euro-CNS is open to National Societies of Neuropathology in the European Community. If a European national or regional Society joins Euro-CNS, all its individual members will automatically become collective members of Euro-CNS.

National Societies of future member countries of the European Community are also welcome to participate in Euro-CNS as associated societies.

Membership is also possible for individuals outside Europe.  Please see the information below.


The fee is 25 Euro per member. Fees are collected by the National Societies. The fee does not include the journal subscription until your Society has an arrangement for a collective subscription.

Rates 2017: A journal subscription for Euro-CNS members in Europe costs 121 Euro for the hard copy and online-access including postage.  Or 84 Euro for online access only. For information on the Journal we refer to the Journal section of this website. For comparison, the subscription rate for non-members is 250 Euro excluding postage.

Members who wish to subscribe at the reduced rate are advised to contact the Euro-CNS Office and request the subscription form for members.

Outside Europe

Neuropathologists (or those with an interest in the field) who cannot become a member of a European national society, or who are employed outside Europe, may apply for corresponding  membership. Please send your request and your curriculum vitae to the Euro-CNS Executive Office. The Membership Committee (2 delegates from the Executive Committee) will judge your application.

The annual individual membership fee in 2017 is 146 Euro and covers the Journal subscription (hard copy and online) and Euro-CNS membership.

Discount for developing countries (GNP < $12,735): (rates are for 2016)
For individuals in developing countries who are not a member of a European Society, we offer a reduced fee of 121 Euro that includes the hard copy journal subscription and the Euro-CNS member fee.  The fee for “online-only” access to the Journal in combination with membership is 82 Euro. To determine eligibility for these reduced fees, we use the World Bank Classifications.
Member Benefits

Individual Benefits

  • Reduced registration fees at Euro-CNS courses and meetings, and other selected educational events organized or supported by Euro-CNS
  • Eligibility for special travel grants
  • Active participation in Society programs, committees, taskforces and educational activities
  • E-mail messages with news on neuropathology, unique member services and upcoming Euro-CNS courses and congresses
  • Automatic membership of FENS as Euro-CNS is affiliated with FENS. Inclusion in FENS online directory and free online access to the FENS Journal. Reduced fees for FENS events. Please contact the Euro-CNS office for your Euro-CNS member ID so that you can make use of the latter.
  • If you are subscribed to Clinical Neuropathology, the Publisher will sponsor colour print of your figures (there may be limitations to the number of colour prints)

Benefits for the European National or Regional Society:

  • Two National Society representatives will take part in the Euro-CNS Council
  • The National Society representative is entitled to cast a vote at ballots at the Council meetings
  • The Euro-CNS web site provides listing of National Societies including full contact information and a short description
  • The Euro-CNS web site can host more detailed information of the National Society if the latter does not have a web site of its own.
  • Posting of announcements of National Society events on Euro-CNS website (and vice versa)
  • Euro-CNS may provide assistance in announcements, recommendation of faculty/speakers, and endorsement of meetings (if requested and approved by the Euro-CNS Council)
  • Publication of (European) national society meeting abstracts in Clinical Neuropathology (in consultation with the Editor)

Membership application

For all membership information, please contact the Euro-CNS Executive Office.