Subcommittees are established by the Council with the aim of examining any issues relevant to Euro-CNS. Members need not necessarily be a member of the Council.

Currently there are four Committees:

1. Educational Committee

The Educational Committee, headed by Prof. Wilfred den Dunnen (since July 2016), coordinates the preparations and educational content of the Euro-CNS training courses. The individual course organizers are:

Muscle and Peripheral Nerve Pathology: Werner Stenzel, Kristl Claeys
Neurodegenerative Diseases: Gabor Kovacs and Wilfred den Dunnen
Leukoencephalopathies: Colin Smith and Mariana Bugiani
Tumours of the CNS: Pieter Wesseling and J. Max Kros
Forensic Neuropathology: Bela Kubat, Colin Smith, Jan Beckervordersandforth
Developmental Neuropathology: Homa Adle Biassette and Eleonora Aronica
Basic Neuropathology: Joachim Weis and Wilfred den Dunnen

2. European Examination Committee

The Examination Committee of Euro-CNS in conjunction with the UEMS Subspecialty Board of Neuropathology organizes an examination in Diagnostic Neuropathology each year, in November. The Chairman of the Examination Committee is  Tibor Hortobagyi. For details please see this website under ‘examination‘.

3. Committee on the European Advancement of Collaborative Research in Neuropathology (“Research Committee”)

The purpose of the Research Committee is to establish and maintain connections with related research groups and act as platform for information and discussion. Currently Euro-CNS has connections with the EORTC Brain Tumour Group (“BTG”, a multi-disciplinary group within the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer), and with BrainNet Europe (BNE). The exact ways to work together are being investigated and will be announced later. The Research Committee is chaired by Prof. Johannes Hainfellner.

4. Congress Scientific Program Committee

The Congress Scientific Program Committee is composed of members of the Congress Hosting Society and the Euro-CNS Executive Committee. The committee is in charge of maintaining the highest standards in scientific content for the Congresses of Euro-CNS