European Fellowship in Neuropathology

The European Fellowship in Neuropathology (EFN) is a mark of professional standing and esteem achieved by examination. The EFN maintains parity in professional standing and esteem between doctors who deliver a specialist diagnostic service in neuropathology in clinical neuroscience centres throughout Europe, by seeking appropriate evidence of knowledge, skills and achievement.

The EFN alone grants no right or authority for unsupervised clinical practice in neuropathology. For clinical practice in each European Country, this right and authority is conferred by registration with national governmental and professional bodies. The achievement of Fellowship by examination is not solely or even necessarily a criterion for appointment as a consultant. The decision on the suitability of a candidate, and whether their training is appropriate for a particular post, is the sole prerogative and responsibility of the relevant Appointment Advisory Committee, whether within a Health Care System, a University or elsewhere. The EFN is a useful benchmark for candidates for consultant posts who have followed an approved National training programme, but it does not override the Appointment Advisory Committee’s responsibility to determine that a candidate has the right background and qualification for a particular post.

However, the EFN examination constitutes an assessment of candidates’ knowledge of diagnostic neuropathology and their ability to apply that knowledge in the clinical practice. Thus, it provides external quality assurance that a trainee in neuropathology practice has reached the standard appropriate for practice as an unsupervised specialist in diagnostic neuropathology.

The Euro-CNS maintains a register of medical doctors who have achieved the EFN by examination.

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