The Spanish Neuropathological Association

An Introduction

The Spanish Neuropathological Association was created in 1978, in close collaboration with the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) and Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP). In respect to the SEN, it is considered as an Associate Scientific Society with all the benefits of this category. In respect to the SEAP, it is considered an autonomous Working Group supported by this Institution. Since its founding, it has celebrated meetings regularly. The Association has its own statutes.

The Spanish Neuropathological Association is an active society having currently about 72 members including ordinary members full-time and part-time neuropathologists (as they work also as general pathologists) and a few neurologists and neuroscientific with a special dedication to neuropathology and associated members, including members with a special interest in Neuropathology. The membership of the Association is open to foreign neuropathologists. All the members of the Association are both associate members of the Spanish Neurological Society and active members of the Spanish Pathological Society, with fully committed participation in all the activities in the respective meetings of this societies. Spanish neuropathologists have many and varied work commitments including routine diagnostic work, research, and participation in brain banking.

Status of neuropathology
In Spain, Neuropathology, like other areas of Pathology, is currently not recognized as a specialty by the Spanish Government.

Board members
The board members of the Spanish Association of Neuropathology are the Executive President and the Secretary. Once the President has completed his/her term, the Secretary takes over the presidency of the Society. At the present time, the past President of the Association assumes the role of Councilor in Euro-CNS.

Educational activities and meetings
Informal meetings are held on a regular basis for review of diagnostically challenging cases and for continuing medical education. The Spanish Neuropathological Association celebrates two Joint Annual Meetings, in February with SEAP and the other in September with SEN. The usual structure of the meeting´s program includes conferences, seminars, communications, and Assembly.

Neuropathology training
There is not a specific neuropathology training requirement in Spain. Upon completion of the Pathology specialty, the future neuropathologist is formed by his/her own clinical experience, by following special courses and, optionally, by a stay in a national or internationally recognized Neuropathology Institution.

Updated 24 September 2020