Scandinavian Neuropathological Society

For detailed information on the Scandinavian Neuropathological Society (SNS) we refer to the SNS website:

Purpose and History
The Society was founded in 1965. The purpose of the Society is to support neuropathology as a scientific and clinical discipline in the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and to support the collaboration between active neuropathologists and representatives for associated disciplines in these countries.

The number of members is approximately 55 of which about 35 are active neuropathologists.

The Society has an annual meeting with a scientific program. The SNS is organizing the 12th European Congress of Neuropathology from 3-6 June 2020 in Odense, Denmark.

Status of neuropathology
All active neuropathologists within the Society are also specialists in general pathology. Only in Finland is neuropathology recognized as a sub-speciality with training in neuropathology for two years followed by an examination. Participation in a minimum of three courses organized by Euro-CNS is also required.

The Society is represented in Euro-CNS and ISN.