The Bulgarian Society of Neuropathology

The Bulgarian Society of Neuropathology (Bulg SN) was re-established on the 18th of September, 2004, by the following 10 founder-members (attending the constituent assembly):

  • Professor Dr. Sevdalin S. NACHEV
  • Docent Dr. Margarita KA?ENOVA
  • Docent Dr. Nadejda DELEVA
  • Docent Dr. Zaprian ZAPRIANOV
  • Dr. Veronica KAPARASHEVA
  • Dr. Jordan JORDANOV
  • Dr. Ilian K.ILIEV
  • Dr. Alexander KAPURDOV
  • Dr. Ognian K. KALEV

The founders elected a three-member board of managers:

Chairman: Professor Sevdalin Nachev
Secretary: Dr. Ognian Kalev
Treasurer: Dr. Alexander Kapurdov

Eight of the founder-members are involved in the routine diagnostic neuropathology. The Euro-CNS delegate is Prof. S Nachev, the deputy is Prof. O. Kalev.

The BulgSN aims at bringing together the pathologists, clinicians, and basic scientists involved in routine neuropathology diagnostic or research. Neuropathology status in Bulgaria: Neuropathology is not recognized as a (sub)specialty in Bulgaria. Concerning this item we need to establish standards for neuropathology and the younger of us would like to become licensed neuropathologists. We would also need training opportunities at reference European neuropathological laboratories.