Romanian Society of Neuropathology

(update July 2010)

The Romanian Society of Neuropathology, founded in 2003, continues the activity of the Romanian Circle of Neuropathology belonging to the Romanian Academy and which was affiliated with ISN from its foundation in 1967.

The founder-members and staff of our society were::

– Dr.Arcadiu Petrescu – president
– Dr. Inimioara Mihaela Cojocaru – vicepresident
– Dr.Marilena Alexianu – secretary of the society and Euro-CNS delegate
– Biol.Emilia Manole – Euro-CNS deputy
– Dr.Jozsef Kelemen
– Biol.Andrei Dan

At present, after the unfortunate death of Dr. Arcadiu Petrescu,  the new members of our society committee are:

– Dr. Marilena Alexianu – president
– Dr. Inimioara-Mihaela Cojocaru – vicepresident
– Dr. Alexandra Bastian – secretary
– Biol. Andrei Dan – member

Meetings and courses
In the past, several national symposia with international participation were organized. Since 1983 neuropathological meetings have been held twice a year.

Since 2003 the Romanian Society of Neuropathology has organized two halfday symposia each year: one in May-June at the Department of Neurology of the University Hospital Colentina Bucharest, and the other in October-November at the Institute of Pathology “Victor Babes” in Bucharest.

In May 2007 an International Course of Neuropathology took place in Bucharest, with participatino of Professors J. Mikol (Paris) and H. Goebel (Mainz) from Euro-CNS who gave theoretical and practical lectures.

Neuropathology status in Romania
Neuropathology is not recognized as a separate speciality in Romania. The 29 neuropathologists come from the neurology or general pathology specialties.

Submitted by M. Alexianu