The Hellenic Society of Neuropathology

Neuropathology is represented in Greece by the Hellenic Society of Neuromyopathy, in close scientific collaboration with the Division of Neuropathology of the Hellenic Society of Pathology, established in Athens in December 1995. Most members of the latter are also members of the Hellenic Society of Neuromyopathology which represents our country at an international level, i.e. the International Society of Neuropathology as well as the European Confederation of Neuropathological Societies (Euro-CNS).

The society officially represents the qualified neuropathologists in Greece, as well as the pathologists or neurologists with postgraduate training in Neuropathology or involved in diagnostic work in neuropathological material. It now includes 25 members (2 full-time active neuropathologists, 15 pathologists (part active neuropathologists) and 8 neurologists). This society is open to any Greek Neuroscientist who has interest in Neuropathology and wishes to collaborate and contribute to our efforts concerning the establishment of this field in Greece.

Furthermore, apart from the Hellenic Society of Pathology (Division of Neuropathology), the neuropathologists are also in close scientific contact with the Hellenic Society of Neurology, members of which -neurologists involved in the field of neuropathology- are also members of the Hellenic Society of Neuropathology.

Neuropathology training
In most University Medical Schools of Greece, Neuropathology is taught to the students as a separate course. For the time being, the diagnostic research and teaching neuropathological fields in Greece are covered by the few neuropathologists as well as by the specially trained pathologists and neurologists working in various, mainly pathology departments. Contact persons: Efstratios Patsouris (Councillor): and Penelope Korkolopoulou (President):

The scientific activities of the Hellenic Society of Neuropathology are summarized as follows: 1 workshop per year and 3 meetings per year focusing on interesting/difficult case discussion.

Neuropathology status in Greece
Neuropathology is not officially recognized as a separate, independent specialty in Greece. Therefore, no trainees in neuropathology do exist, although in some specialized centres, trainees in general pathology are also exposed to neuropathological material during their training. In any event, the small number of specialized centers in Greece is a deterring factor for such recognition, at least for the moment. If however, in the future such directions will appear from the European Union, the HSN will propose the creation of an independent specialty of Neuropathology, in harmonization with other European countries.

Leadership Hellenic Society of Neuropathology:

Elected 1 July 2009:

President: Assoc.Prof. P.Korkolopoulou, Pathologist/Neuropathologist
Vice President: Assoc.Prof. P.Manta, Neurologist
Secretary General: Assoc.Prof. N.Kavantzas, Pathologist
Treasurer: Dr P.Christodoulou, Pathologist
?embers: Prof. E.Patsouris, Pathologist/Neuropathologist
Assist.Prof. A.Konstantinidou, Pathologist, Dr. K.Diamantopoulou, Pathologist, Dr. E.Nikolaou, Pathologist, Dr G.Papadimas, Neurologist

Councilors of Euro-CNS:
Ass.Prof. P.Korkolopoulou
Prof. E.Patsouris

Submitted by Penelope Korkolopoulou