Neuropathology in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, Neuropathology is still part of pathology. Neuropathology is mainly based in academic hospitals. Individual pathologists have their own specialization. Neuropathology is officially recognized as a subspecialty and all neuropathology is done by neuropathologists. Within neuropathology there is sub-specialization as well (neurodegeneration/muscle) and research.

To become a neuropathologist one has to complete the common trunk of pathology training and additional neuropathology training is obligatory after that. There is quite some interest from general pathologists who opted to have training as, and become a neuropathologist.

The Dutch Society of Neuropathology has 20 active members – 5 are doing only tumors.

Executive Board

o    Chairman: Dr. W.F.A. den Dunnen
o    Secretary: Dr. T.M. Teune
o    Treasurer: Dr. A. Kooij